Why do we even still pray for money?

January 23, 2024
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I grew up in a Christian home; as such, there seems to be a default implant in my being that makes me think in certain types of ways, many of which are defined by the church as a body. One of the questions I have recently asked myself is why a specific class of people still pray for money in the church. Does it mean we are greedy? Or, worse yet, ignorant? Or maybe it’s expected of us so we are empowered to finance the church’s growth?

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It’s been over two decades, and I’m still basking in the blessings of a christian home, but more importantly, I am still a relentless church-goer and see this conduct resurfacing in our prayer sessions on midweek services and Sundays—and I’ve been around a couple of pentecostal denominations in Nigeria.

Disclaimer: It’s important to note that I haven’t been around all pentecostal churches in Nigeria. However, I have been around many pastors from a handful of these churches, and many times, they share this behaviour.

My initial response to this conduct is that of confusion. As a believer who dares say they have grown in the study of the word, I believe there is so much we could be asking God for, especially as people who are established financially (people who can provide basic needs for themselves, their families and the church)—so why do we need more money?

Why do rich Christians need to get richer?

I believe God blesses people with wealth not because they ask for it but because He wills for them to be in it, and of course, His ways are always good—He sees the beginning with complete knowledge of the end. Indeed, many people go against all odds and God’s will for them to amass wealth that they do not need, but at what cost?

Some examples to back up this claim include the Patriarchs and Solomon, amongst others. God was particularly impressed with Solomon’s request after giving him a blank cheque, seeing that he did not ask for more wealth or anything that was remarkably self-centred.

Nonetheless, I believe our premium example is and always will be Jesus; Even if he wasn’t rich, as far as we know, he lived a life of abundance. He got all he needed just as the need arose—for example, paying the right amount of taxes for himself and Peter from a fish’s mouth.

If you’ve ever received a sizable sum of money that you didn’t need to use in an instant, and all you needed to do was save it—then you must have felt the counterfeited safety that stacked funds offer. Money can really be a faith dampener, and we don’t know how much we rely on it until we lose it; Timothy would know better.

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In conclusion, this might just be a lifelong pursuit of truth. As such, if you have any opinions backed up by Scripture—It would be a pleasure to have them in my inbox.

I do not fancy biblical debates about inconsequential matters, but money is such an important topic. And even though I’m nowhere close to perfection in my money discipline, it makes sense that I share my opinions if they could help one who stumbles on this.

Scripture References

  • God blesses a Patriarch, Abraham, because of his total reliance and dependence on the God of all flesh - Genesis 12:1-3
  • Solomon’s request to God - I Kings 3:10-13
  • Jesus pays taxes from the mouth of a fish - Matthew 17:24-27
  • Apostle Paul’s view on trusting in wealth - I Timothy 6:17

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