How long does the Perfect Delight last?

May 26, 2023
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How easy is it to be disconnected from the Father?

How deeply do I have to be soaked in his word to cope?

How much of the flesh has eaten deep before I found my salvation and saw the light?

But I must work out my salvation with fear and trembling, right?

How much does the blood of Jesus help make things easy?

I’ve overcome the world; where is my courage?

How do I sustain my perfect delight to last forever?

These questions ravaged my heart after I had just sinned against my Father in Heaven. Make no mistake; I was sure without a doubt that He was not proud of my actions. And in that moment of despair, I wrote the following paragraphs. A poetic genius might refer to this piece as a dirge, except no one is being mourned in this story—just the flesh.

. . .

I understand that I should never make the walk of salvation look easy, even though it can sometimes be tough, mainly because we have to wake up daily in a world that is the opposite reality of God’s ideal place for us. However, the momentary satisfaction and peace I find in Christ in my secret place still holds the record for the most “Perfect Delight”, and I don’t want to trade that for anything.

However, studying the Bible doesn’t seem to be all there is. I can confidently say that studying God’s word improves the quality of your life but doesn’t take away all your troubles. It pinpoints the troubles and traces them back to your heart—a very powerful tool for reflection if you ask me.

Today sees a lot of hypocritical acts, and we all detest hypocrites—not like it has stopped us from being hypocrites ourselves anyways. However, in line with my progressive desire to not be one, I’ll let you know that giving Jesus my life is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Yet, there’s a slight issue—I can’t say I have fully hacked the Christian living pattern, but it does not mean I’ll stop trying. And despite all of these, I choose to believe that overwhelming victory is mine through Christ, who loves me.

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