Software Engineering: The Soft Parts

52 pages
By Addy Osmani

Book Review

Think of a resource that empowers you to become a great employee, an efficient leader and a high-performing engineer—that is precisely what this book seeks to achieve.

From arguably the most significant issue in the corporate world, communication, to a lot more critical subjects like technical complexity, seniority in the workplace, time management, demystifying work/life balance and even topics like mentorship—all are covered in his book.

Think of this review as an introduction to my article: “The 10x Employee: A Guide to Building Efficient Software and Achieving Career Success”. I wrote this after compiling some of my learnings from reading this book. I hope it encourages you to read the book and challenge yourself in your career strides.

Thank you, Addy Osmani! Always appreciative of you sharing knowledge from your experiences.

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