God and Money

249 pages
By John Cortines, Gregory Baumer

Book Review

I got inspired to read “God and Money” after listening to a podcast by the founders of The Bible Project, where the authors gave an insight into the motivations behind writing the book.

Also, “God and Money” is such an outstanding name for a book; I dare say those are the two most chased entities in the universe, with the latter giving the former a run for its money—but we will prevail.

The book is divided into three main parts: Foundations sets a precedent biblically and empirically on why we should give; Frameworks sheds light on the three ways we use our money: spenders, savers, or servants; Forward speaks on how we can act accordingly with the information shared in the book.

In all of these parts, there’s so much eye-widening that occurs. Prior to reading this book, I had always known how deep the subject of money was to God, but I didn’t realize how much Jesus spoke of it. 40% of the parables in the Bible talk about money—think about that for a second.

Though there were a lot of truths, I didn’t agree with a few of their approaches, and maybe that stems from the uniqueness of our cultural backgrounds—Nigeria and America are miles different from a cultural perspective. Yet, this read is an excellent way to wrap up 2023.

While I await God’s riches in store for me, I must always have a mindset of abundance. And even when material wealth does not seem apparent, I must steward the little I have, bearing in mind that when I steward, the question is never really “How much should I give?”; it’s “How much should I keep?”

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